Saturday, October 29, 2016

My apologies

You guys, I've been so far behind on the blog and I am sad about it. Work has been exciting and busy and when I get home I'm usually so knackered I usually just want to sit on the couch with the dog and Josh and not do anything. I miss doing the blog stuff. But I will be getting better soon because November brings Sci-Fi November!, which is an event I thoroughly enjoy being a part of. Maybe that's just the thing I need to get my blog grove back on.

So let's just play real fast catch up on some things. Shall we?

Readathon didn't quite go as planned. Josh had a ton of essays that he needed to get corrected and he was feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it. I told him I'd help him to correct a few, but that turned into a few hours of helping. So while it wasn't reading books per se, there was a lot of reading going on! Though I did manage to do a smidge of cheering and hung out on twitter a little bit. I was sad that it didn't go according to my plan, but I figure it's better to not have a cranky ass husband. (And also I made him buy me leggings and fro yo for my help. I was not going to give up readathon time for nothing, yo.)

I'm in the middle of two really interesting books right now and I can't wait to share them with you! I went and saw Miss Peregrine's pretty soon after it came out (with frequent LE guest contributer Jen) and there will be a review forthcoming. Which kind of fits for Sci-Fi November, so yay!

I'm really excited for this upcoming week because a)this past week at work was really busy and I felt like I dropped the ball a few times and that's a feeling I hate so I'm excited to put that behind me and WAY MORE IMPORTANTLY b) Quinn and I are going to Disneyland on Friday!

We have cousins in Southern California and one works for Disney and we're like "how have we never gone out there and done Disney with them?" So as an excuse, we're going for my upcoming birthday. It's will just be from Friday to Sunday and will include getting up at like, 4am on Friday morning to catch our flight but we are super excited.

Did you know that Ray Bradbury has a history with Disneyland? He does. There's even a "Halloween Tree" that is based on his same-named short story that I love with a deep and burning love. I re-read it every fall. Here's a little summary of his tree! Even though we will be there past Halloween I'm hoping I will still be able to find the tree itself. Stay tuned!

Anyway, I've missed you guys but I'm going to work hard at getting better at my balance. But there is much sci-fi talk and Disney pictures in the future!

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