Monday, October 3, 2016

Graphic Novel Review: "Something New: Tales from a Makeshift Bride" by Lucy Knisley

This was not my favorite Lucy Knisley. I love her food and travel based offerings the most, but this book is still valuable and if you have some engaged friends I would recommend you giving this to them!

The story details Lucy's relationship with her now husband, how they planned their wedding long distance, and their actual wedding day. The food sounded great, surprise surprise! 

Lucy is shocked by the mass commercialization of weddings and how there are so many things that you are "supposed" to do. It was definetly something I noticed when I was planning my wedding, but like Lucy I got to a point where it's like "Uh, no if it's not something you want to do you don't have to do it". Though Lucy went a little farther than me. Though looking back I would have made some changes, but really I have no regrets.

Another thing that Lucy brings up is her bisexuality. What happens to that part of her once she gets married (to a man)? Is it something that she stops being? Is it something that lies dormant in her waiting for years down the line to rear it's head and cause problems? It was something that she struggled with, and I think a lot of people do. Not necessarily the bisexuality part, but the "hey I'm yoking myself to this person forever and what does that mean for me as a person?"

There's stress, barn building, poutine, and all of the rest of the wedding details made better by Lucy's cute sketches and laid back style. When it's all said and done you feel kind of exhausted, but in a good way! 

My main critique of this book is that there weren't any of her manatee sketches which I love :)


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