Friday, October 14, 2016

Bookish ranT: "California" by Edan Lepucki - Spoilery

California is about a couple who realize that living in LA while the world goes to pieces is not a great idea, so they move to the wilderness and live there. I was thinking "Oh this sounds kind of like "Dog Stars" and I liked that book, I will give it a shot.I was excited to start read this book, but eventually the unbelieavability of parts of it lead to me liking it less and less.


-She doesn't get her period and assumes she's pregnant. Really? You're sure it's because you're pregnant and not because, like, you haven't gotten all of the calories and vitamins and whatever you've needed in the time you've lived in the wilderness and maybe your period is just peacing out? Really?

- Then she's like "oh I really hope I'm pregnant" but then takes a Valium that August offers her. I'm no medical expert but taking a powerful drug while pregnant can't be great for that  baby. And you know where a sucky place to live and have a hard labor or a baby that needs extra medical attention would be? The wilderness. (This part isn't unbelievable as much as like woooooow, no.)

-No people show up to try to acost them and take their supplies? You really only run into friendly folks? Because it's not like the same apocilyptic happenings that drove you out of the city wouldn't drive others and they might not be morally superior as these two decide they are? They try to kind of explain this one away but I'm not buying it.

- I would have been insanely angry with Micah. Like I'd eventually just be happy that he was alive but I'd be livid for at least 2 weeks.

-The turkey baster. Weird.

So, I guess I'm really just irritated to have it be so much potential and then it be squandered.

Anyone else read this one?


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