Book Review Policy

What I will review:
-Crafty/DIY (I sew, but I don't woodwork or anything impressive like that)
-Just ask! I'm open to a lot of reading variety. Or check my Goodreads shelf to get an idea.


What I will not review:
- Erotica (Not saying this blog is squeaky clean but we aren't...whatever that is.Please don't ask.)
-Philosophy (Not that smart.)
-Romance (Unless it's a historical fiction romance and then I'll consider it)
-Anything over 575 pages (LE is a one (wo)man show, so I don't have time to struggle with War&Peace sized things)

The "it's not you, it's me" rule: Being as this is my blog I get the final say if something gets reviewed or not. If I receive a book and it doesn't fit my blog I won't review it. (That's why I highly suggest contacting me with your book info before hand, that way you don't send it for no reason if it isn't a good fit). Especially since the blog is so new I really want to find books that fits my voice and the voice I'm trying to establish for the blog. I will do my best to respond to everyone who makes a request of me.

Don't be offended, if I say no thank you to your book. I'm sure someone else's blog is a great fit for your book and they'd love to have it. I want the best for all involved.

Things to expect from a review: If you send me a book to review I will do my absolute best to review it and get it up at the blog and other places (see below for other places). I won't guarantee that it will happen because, well life happens sometimes. If you would like the review up by a certain time (like in case of some kind of deadline) please let me know and give me plenty of time.

Also expect an honest review. I wold never be intentionally over harsh or cruel but I'm not going to lie about my feelings for the book.(I'm really pretty nice.This whole page makes me sound kind of awful, but really I just want to be honest with everyone. I use the oreo method.)

Formats: I strongly prefer print copies, very rare exceptions will be made for kindle books.

Rating System:
1 star: This was a struggle to finish.
2 star: Wouldn't read it again but it had some good parts.
3 star: I liked this book. I'd probably re-read it.
4 star:Loved this book. Will get it from the library again!
5 star: I LOVED this book and I must own it and put it on my bookshelf so I can read it at my every whim!

I'll use whole and half stars. Beyond that and the math gets complicated.

Where can I find the review?: On the blog, on my Goodreads, on Amazon.

Legalese: I don't get paid for reviews. I just might get the book for free. I'll tell you when I'm reviewing a book that I have received. After I finish the books I will pass them along to someone else and keep the book train rolling along.

If you're interested in a review from me please feel free to contact me: wesley (dot) labahnhoffmann (at) gmail (dot) com. I do NOT accept submissions via comments.


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