Wednesday, October 12, 2016

3rd year anniversary!

I realized last night that this is my 3 year blogiversary. 


So nothing big and showy this year, just a thank you for everyone who takes time out of their day to stop by this little piece of the book world to see what I have to say. It is a humbling and lovely thing.Especially when a couple of time as of late my posting has been inconsistent and absences often have no explanation.

Though the short explanation is:

If I have to decide between playing tug or petting this sweet little lady or going upstairs to write a blogpost, usually she wins. Though one of these days when she stop shedding her summer coat I will sneak her upstairs so we can snuggle AND I can write.

 I feel so lucky and blessed to be associated with a group of book people and book blogger people. I say it all the time but I think people who love books are the best kind of people. A wonderful group, the lot of ya.

Here's to more years of book reviews, goofy lists and silly GIFs.

My Love to all. -W



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