Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Think green....

Today I was going to be ambitious. I was going to craft a blog post about great books by Irish authors, or set in Ireland, or even pictures of when I was in Ireland for two weeks on vacation awhile back. But then I lost my ambition. And got a little sick of talking about books. So this is what we're going to do instead. We're going to look at a bunch of pretty things that are green. Because it's my favorite color and I'm in desperate need of some spring-type things.(Click on pictures for links)

Green Coasters - Drink Coasters - Green Home Decor - Tile Coasters - Ceramic Coasters - Table Coasters On Sale
If you're a fancy person who uses coasters..

Moss table runner-Moss mats-Preserved Moss sheets-Decorative Moss Sheets-Table Runners-Green Moss - Moss Mat
Whhhhhhaat? Love!

Green Bird scarf, Bird scarf, Multi Colour Scarf, Green Scarf, Spring Summer Scarf, For Her
Springy and birdlike!

Decorative Pillow Cover ANY SIZE Green Pillow Duralee Rico Jungle Green

Infinity Necklace, Infinity Pendant and Green Lariat Necklace, Graduation Necklace, Necklace for Mom, Necklace for Her, Bridesmaid Necklace
And some jewelry...

Pleats and Buttons Handbag in Kelly Green
Love love the buttons


 Ok, must stop before I purchase something...


  1. Replies
    1. Right? Im obsessed with the mossy table runner, I don't even know where that would go in my house but I wants it!

  2. Such a cool post! Very fitting for St Pats day! :D
    Those coasters look gorgeous - I think I like them because they look like mosaics of sorts!
    ~Geraldine @ Corralling Books


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