Sunday, March 20, 2016

Holy Week 2016

Happy Sunday All!

So, you might be aware that this is the beginning of Holy Week for people who are Christians. I'm a Christian and will also be observing it this week.

Every year on the blog (and when I say every year I mean the past two years, the blog is NOT that old and that sounds weird when I say stuff like that) I like to highlight Holy Week by showcasing books and things of a religious nature, and by posting every day. (Hopefully that happens still, did I mention Easter is super early this year and crept up on me a bit?)

Even if you aren't celebrating, I hope that you stick around the blog this week and hear about some of the great books that are in store, a guest blog post by the wonderful Jamie of Books and Beverages and other goodies.

One thing that I do to celebrate Holy Week that you should be glad that you AREN'T seeing is the car karaoke that I do with my sister to the Jesus Christ Superstar album. We are enthusiastic. If maybe you want to do that in the comfort of your own home....ahem.....see below for two of our favorites.

Hope to see you around the blog this week! Happy Palm Sunday!

This is my favorite Judas. (Weird sentence of the week award!) I wish I could cherry pick the different singers and make my own cast. Like I like the above Judas and I like the Peter from this next clip, but Broadway cast Jesus is best....

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