Thursday, March 24, 2016

My continuing quest to find a book that might only exist in my head: Reformation edition

I want to read a book about the Protestant Reformation. One that doesn't just focus on Martin Luther, but also on the people before him, the people who came after him, and what the large implications of the reformation were on society in general. I didn't really have specific parameters other than that, at the beginning. So I started by shooting an email to my local library's reference librarian.

These were the books that were suggested by her:



None of these were quiiiiiite what I wanted. So I went back to the drawing board to actually think about what I wanted out of this book and then posted it on facebook. Being Lutheran and having gone to Lutheran schools my whole life I have a lot of Lutheran friends who might have taken an interesting Reformation class that I didn't take because it was at 8am on a Friday (or some such thing).

Ok Lutheran hive brain.
I need a book on the Reformation. Not just Luther (Hus, Calvin, everyone), and not just the religious elements but the political, social, (etc) implications. Less than 500 pages. Written in the last 20 years.
I don't know if this book exists but I'd like to read it.

 It turns out that it was librarians to the rescue again! My high school roomate's little sister is a librarian and with my new parameters she gave me these recommendations



All of them fit in my parameters and looked like great options. I checked out a few. And then found these on my own:



 (I love this cover it's so weird and creepy and great)

And what does this boil down to? A house full of library books on the Reformation and I have started almost all of them and yet none were read and reviewed in time to make it to #HolyWeek2016. Oh.My.Word. Reformation fail. Anyway, when I finally get through this pile and find the perfect book on the Reformation I will let you know. Until then...

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