Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spotify Songs Most Likely to Get Me Chair Dancing

Are you a chair dancer? I know I am. I know Andi is.

If these jams come on my Spotify list while I have my headphones on at work it takes a lot for me not to start doing some shoulder dipping and air drum playing.

And since I was too lazy to figure out how to embed the Spotify links here, you get the YouTube videos. And good grief some of these videos are bad.

Gypsy Girl - Big Country

I love pretty much every Big Country song, but this one of the few that gets me dancing. (Dance party is in the middle-ish, it's a slow burn.)

Carry Out - Timbaland and Justin Timberlake

These two are having way too much fun.

 California Soul- Marlena Shaw

Is this the state song of California? It should be. Let's talk to Governor Brown. (Did you know he has TWO corgis?)

Miss Jackson - Panic! at the Disco

I'm confused by the on fire tire, but whatever, fine. Well, that's not the sum of my confusion but I'm not cool enough to know the rest probably so carry on.

 Over the Hills and Far Away - Gary Moore

I love this song so much, and then I saw the video for the first time writing this post and I love it more. The song is about a guy who gets falsely accused of robbery but can't defend himself because he was with his best friend's wife at the time. In what world is that a child's bed time story?! The 80sness is so so strong. Just bask in it.

Hideaway - Kiesza

Everything about her outfit makes my brain hurt, but the song is awesome so ignore the suspenders and acid washed jeans.

Dangerous - David Guetta

The completely annoying thing about this video is that it takes at least 3 minutes to get to the song. I realize that music videos give musicians the chance to pretend to be what they wanted to be when they grow up and David Guetta really really wanted to be a race car driver. Live your childhood dreams on someone else's time Monsieur Guetta.

 Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers

Uh, you guys, DMX samples this song. I'm in NO way okay with this. Grumble grumble.


  1. This is my current chair dancing song! The dance party starts at 2:32.
    CHVRCHES - Clearest Blue

    1. Chair dancing to that one needs some glow sticks!

  2. Ain't No Sunshine is my jam, yo! I didn't know you were on Spotify! I use it every day, add me on! I definitely chair dance. And car dance. And living room dance. We should start a chair dancing club complete with chair dancing t-shirts.

    1. Yes! Competitive chair dancing! This should be a thing!

  3. I just have to say this was a legit selection!


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