Wednesday, September 21, 2016

MPLS/St Paul Reccomendations

Recently my sister moved to St Paul Minnesota and a couple of weekends ago I got the chance to spend the weekend with her and our dear friend Corrie who was in town for a conference. We spent the weekend eating, drinking and shopping and I thought I'd share a couple of places with you in case you ever found yourself in that neck of the woods. Or, even better, find Julianne over at Outlandish Lit and ask her! 

Best Nom Nom Noms

 We had a tasty brunch at a place called The Buttered Tin. I had breakfast tacos which were delicious and a little spicy! It's a popular spot so you might need to wait, but our wait was only 15 minutes. There is a delicious looking bakery if you want a takeaway snack!

We had ANOTHER tasty brunch at a a place called the Dark Horse Bar and Eatery. They had a great little patio area and the service was great. I had waffles with goat cheese, bacon and green onions, which gave me the sweet and the savory I wanted in all one waffle.

We hit up a happy hour for dinner at the Mall of America at a place called Tucci Benucch. Sangria and toasted ravioli and bruschetta and mozzarella and yuuuuuuum. 


The Mall of America is obviously a WHOLE thing, but if you want to shop until your feet turn into bloody stumps you can do it here.

Magers & Quinn is delicious wonderful indie bookstore that I could have spent hours and hours in. Go spend a bunch of money and say hi to Julianne!

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  1. You should check out Matt's bar. Total hole-in-the-wall but the Jucy Lucy (sic) is legendary. True story: my wife and I went to the cities on our first anniversary, went to Matt's because it's been featured on a ton of best burger and food/cooking tv shows and it started our tradition of seeking out the best cheese burgers in a given city on our anniversaries.


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