Friday, September 2, 2016

First Friday Four - 4 Favorite Alcoholic Beverages

On the first Friday of every month I'm going to make a fun and nonsensical list on a random topic. Here is this months!

So many of these drinks have either lime or mint that the post should be called Hooray Lime and Mint! 

1. Moscow Mules

Come for cute copper mug, stay for the delicious drink. Another wonderful thing about this drink is that you probably have most of the ingredients in your house already! (And if you have ginger beer you are way more prepared then me!)

 2. Caipirinhas

When I think of caipirinias I think of being on the beach in Mexico with my sister Quinn, our friend Corrie, an increasingly bad sunburn, and several books. This drinks is light and refreshing and goes down eaaaaaasy.

Brazilian caipirinha cocktails

3. Sangria

Oh sangria. There is a variety of you for every season. And you always contain fruit, which makes you healthy! Duh! More please! Also, I feel like this is a drink where recipes are just suggestions, almost anything you throw in will make it delicious!

Build your best #sangria with this #DIY guide. Perfect for sipping in your backyard.:

4. Mojitos

My first real,lasting alcoholic love. Mint and bubbles and if I'm really lucky, a stick of sugar can with which to stir and then gnaw on later. This is also a great choice if you want a tropical tasting drink but don't want something pastel or neon colored with little umbrellas!

The Best Mojitos, I like mine sweet so more simple and I like my mint extra muddled so I really break the mint leaves up!:

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