Friday, September 16, 2016

Book review: "The Caretaker of Lorne Fields" by David Zeltserman

If you like creepy books without certain resolution , well boy howdy do I have a book for you!

Jack Durkin spends his whole day saving the world, at least that's what he spends. To the passerby he spends the whole day, every day, weeding the same field. Jack spends his days preventing the horrible Aukowie from rising up and destroying the world. It's a familial job, passed down from oldest son to oldest son going back almost 300 years. It used to be a job that people respected, and treated the Durkin's with deference and kindness. Now people are cynical, and whisper that those Durkins have lost their minds. And on top of that Jack has a cranky wife, an oldest son who wants nothing to do with the field, and a younger son who wants to be the caretaker but can't be because the contract, signed by his ancestors and the town, says it has to be the oldest son.

A horrifying incident changes the public view of Jack from a harmless weirdo to a person who is dangerous and delusional. Jack's allies are few and far between as he tries to prove that is work is important and can't be disturbed.

I wasn't sure if I was #TeamDurkin or #TeamSkepticalTownsfolk because after each incident my position changed. If you read this, let me know where you land. I don't think we're supposed to have a solid answer but I'm curious as to people's interpretations.

I give this book a solid 3.5 stars for being short, inventive, a little heart tuggy, and a little scary all wrapped into one!


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