Tuesday, July 19, 2016

All Lady July - Shopping post!

An excuse to faux shop for pretty & bookish and pretty bookish things? Yes, come to me.

Also should be notes that the Books and Beverages Shoppe is having a moving sale right now! Go get a book blogger planner or a cute keychain or magnetic bookmarks!

Can we talk about how beautiful and colorful this bouquet of flowers made from a copy of Where The Wild Things Are is? So beautiful. I seriously need a book page bouquet for my desk.From Etsy seller Fuschia Kitten.

Where the Wild things are Book Bouquet-Book lover gift-Book Bouquet-Book decor- Unique Gift- Bridal Bouquet- Paper Roses-Nursery Decor 

I am deeply attracted to this tote. Even though it probably shouldn't count for an ALJ shopping post because the quote is by a man or whatever I love love love that the book pages and spine look like wings. Etsy seller Obvious State

Literary Tote Bag, Paradise, Handmade canvas tote bag with pocket, canvas bag, Bookish tote bag, Gifts for Writers, back to school book bag

If the lady with a life changing pair of shoes is your spirit animal, go to Gone Reading and pick this bad boy up!

Cinderella Coffee Mug

This place has so many funny buttons I might have gone on a tear looking at them all. Etsy seller Bean Forest

fan fiction - for when your favorite male leads aren't kissing each other - 1.25" pinback button badge - refrigerator fridge magnet - fandom

the smell of books calms me - book magnet book lover gift 1.25" pinback button badge book reader nerd library stocking stuffer small gift

my childhood heroes are dead, fictional, or alcoholics - 1.25" pinback button badge - refrigerator fridge magnet - sad tv ending frowny face

 if there aren't any skeletons in a man's closet, there's probably a bertha in his attic (Jane Eyre) - 1.25" pinback button badge book magnet

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