Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Stuff You Missed in History Class's Most Interesting Ladies

If you've been around the blog before you probably know that I am a fan of podcasts (though it's a recent develop). One of my favorite's is Stuff You Missed in History Class, which talks about, well, stuff if you learned in history class you might have actually stayed awake for.

This is an especially pertinent podcast to single out for All Lady July because the two hosts (both female) have gotten a lot of flack for talking about women "too much". (This isn't true, there's even a graph to prove it, but like proof of something has ever actually calmed someone down on the internet). So as a shout out to Holly and Tracy here are some of my favorite women-centric podcast episodes.

The Night Witches

All female Soviet flying regiment during WWII. If that doesn't intrigue you, literally nothing that I say will. But many earned the accolade "Heroes of the Soviet Union" and the tales of their harrowing flights made me grip my steering wheel a little tighter as I listen during my commute. Eeek! Also, that's just the most badass name.

Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun

 This lady with a very long name was a talented painter who painted probably most of the pictures that you know of Marie Antoinette. She was extremely hard working and successful in her professional life, though her personal life could get derailed at time (ugh, men). Also was in danger during the French Revolution! A good podcast for the art history lovers.

China's Footbinding Tradition

 Don't listen to this one while you're eating lunch. There are some graphic descriptions about what it actually takes to get you into teeny tiny shoes (spoiler alert, breaking and then rebreaking a lot of foot bones). Though it's super interesting to hear about the social implications of this practice especially when it fell out of vogue.

 Who was Tokyo Rose?

 To be fair, Tokyo Rose was more than one person. This was such an interesting story that I had never heard before. "Tokyo Rose" was the voice of Japanese propaganda broadcast to the Allied soldiers in the Pacific. The podcast contains actual broadcasts and the old-timey radio feel is for real.

Jane Addams (Parts 1 and 2)

You guys, I know basically nothing about Jane Addams and that is why this two part episode is on my to-do list next. 

Do you have any grant podcasts that talk about interesting ladies that I should know about? Lemme know!


  1. I lovvvved their response to all the garbage they get about featuring women on the show! It was perfect :)

    1. They handled it so much better than I would have. "Hey assholes, youre incredibly wrong, and here's a graph to prove it NOW SHUT UP".


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