Monday, February 2, 2015

February Announcement - LOST Book Club

Guys, February is drag. The only thing good about it is that it is short, and that if you play your cards right there's some cheap candy to be had on the 15th. Since February is inherently lame, I thought I'd do something with the blog to amuse myself. (And maybe only myself).

I loved the show LOST. There are very few shows that I've watched from the very first episode all the way to the end. It was a family affair too, with my mom and sister. We had a finale viewing party and ate and cried and said "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?" and then got sad again.

The show was clever, and got a lot of inspiration for literature. The good folks at Lostepedia  combed through every episode and highlighted books that are talked about, or seen amongst the Losties on the island. I picked a bunch (my only criteria being that it has to be something I'd never read before - sorry Watership Down) and read them.I'll also try to figure out why the certain book was picked to be in the show. Most of the time I'll be guessing so I'd love to hear your theories.

Don't worry if you have no idea what LOST was about, never watched it, or watched it and am still angry at the writers. You will enjoy the wide variety of books anything from girls going through puberty, to dinosaurs, to one of Britain's greatest authors. Stay tuned this month and keep the winter doldrums at bay!

And now obligatory LOST funnies:

Just spent the last few weeks watching Lost from beginning to end. I watched it when it originally aired; now watched it with my daughter. Loved it then, love it now!

Push the button. Don't push the button. Bad. - smaller ghost Walt

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  1. I LOVED Lost until the ending stabbed me in the heart and then stomped on it. 6 years of my life!! But I still loved the show, so I'll have to check out that list and follow along!!

    1. Uh! I know! It was a betrayal.There was about 1001 questions unanswered and that still makes me angry.


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