Thursday, January 29, 2015

4 new-to-me authors I plan to read this year and 4 favorite repeaters

As much as I try to stretch out of my box occasionally, I always like the warm comfort of favorite authors! Here's the authors that will be new to me, and old favorites revisited in 2015! If anyone has any suggestions in the "new to me" category please tell me!

New to Me
Graham Greene - I have said I'm going to read "The Quiet American" for 2 years and haven't done it.Is this the year? (Shoulder shrug)
Arthur Conan Doyle - I think I've only read "Murders at the Rue Morgue". That's not nearly enough for a man of his catalog volume.
Diana Gabaldon - I bought "Outlander" to read on the plane ride to Europe this summer! I need big fat books for distraction (and to weigh down my carry on apparently). Hooray for paperback versions of things!
Elizabeth Gilbert - I put "Eat Pray Love" on the All Lady July calendar. Is it worth the hype? We shall see! I'm only a few years late on this one.

Repeat Offenders 
Mary Roach - I unapologetically love Mary Roach. "Gulp" is also on the All Lady July calendar. She made it on for "Spook" last July.
Willa Cather - Willa, my favorite member of the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. She ALSO will be represented during All Lady July with her classic "O, Pioneers!" And she ALSO made it for last July with "My Antonia". So yes, I play favorites.
Philip Kerr - I put if off as long as I could, but I finally read the last of his Bernie Gunther novels. I'm assuming there's more in the pipeline for the future. (There better be!)
Jen Hatmaker - Jen speaks to my soul. Her book (that I got the kindle version of for $1 which enabled me to get off the massive wait list at my library!) "Interrupted" will be going up on the blog during Holy Week.

Are any of these authors your favorites? Any recommendations?

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  1. Diana Gabaldon was new to me this year. I'll admit there were some issues I took with Outlander but I definitely enjoyed it!


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