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Book Review: "Trapped" by Carrie Grant and Giveaway!

Hello new readers that may have come here from Read White and Blue. I'm so happy to have you. And lucky you, the first post you come across has another giveaway. Woot woot!

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Nearly 16 year old Emily, her two young twin sisters, and her mom are driving home from Emily's math competition in Denver when the unthinkable happens, the tunnel that they are driving through collapses. They seem to be in a type of pocket, because there are rocks blocking both ends of the tunnel. No one is crushed to death in their cars, thankfully. There was a political convention in Denver so one of the people in the cave in is the current Governor. There is also a boy named Chris who Emily helped from his halfway crushed car.

They find out that it will be almost a week before they get rescued from the tunnel and so suddenly food and water is at a premium. (This made me think of what is in my car that was edible. I have a 6 pack of Dr Pepper and a box of can orange Fantas in my trunk. So I might be hungry but I'll be on a sugar high. WOOHOO!) People begin to nervous about the safety of the tunnel since they heard on the news that the collapse was caused by a mudslide. However more and more things happen that make Emily and Christ suspect that this might not be the case...dum dum dum!

-I always get sad when there's a mousy, quiet librarian portrayal.I know that Emily needed kind of a nerdy friend to bond with, but the timid librarian stereotype is way past it's prime. Maybe it's because I'm loud and obnoxious and work in a library that I feel chagrined by these types of portrayals.
-It was a little insta-love feeling for me between Emily and Chris. Though Emily makes it pretty clear that this is the first time a boy has been actually interested in her and at that age hand holding and forehead kissing might equate to love faster, especially a girl who feels like she's invisible.
-Emily's mom is basically a terrible person. Emily will get to go of to college at some point and get away from her but the poor twins can't be more than 6, so then who is going to look after them because mom obviously could care less!
-I think it's funny that they keep mentioning that Emily always has her hair in a braid and then the book's artwork shows it down. Just made me chuckle.

I loved the premise of the book. I think that it might be more YA then NA, but I'm really not the most educated on those things, just a personal feeling.  I liked that Emily was always trying to do the most responsible thing by her little sisters. I give it a 3 out of 5 stars!

Driving home from a high school math competition, the last thing Emily expected was to get trapped in a caved-in tunnel. Yet when the dust settles, she soon finds there’s even more going on than a math nerd could have calculated. Only a few other cars survived the cave-in, leaving her trapped with a team of plumbers, a cranky old man, a Governor, and a family of five. An older boy named Chris also managed to survive the cave-in...but his bright blue eyes seem to be watching everyone just a little too closely.

As the hours tick by and the water runs out, the survivors struggle to wait for the rescue team. But Emily had seen something just before the tunnel collapsed, something that makes her realize that this cave-in was no accident. She is trapped with the killer of hundreds of innocent people–with nearly a mile of solid rock blocking every exit.

Author: Carrie Grant
Format: eBook
Publication Date: January, 2014
Publisher: Self-Published

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