Saturday, May 3, 2014

24 Hours Dublin by Anna Snyder

Fancy a mini review of a wonderful place for your weekend?

It covers the main tourist things (Book of Kells, Guinness tour) but also much more. There's shopping suggestions galore (especially bookstores). One of the places that was mentioned that cracked me up was "Lashes and Lockes". It's a hair salon that specializes in old-timey hair styles. So if you want to be a flapper for the day or something that's the place to go. Isn't that a funny concept? I love it.

I wish I had this book when I was in Dublin aways back. There's never enough time to see everything but I would have tried to make more time for the mummies, a few more bookstores, many more churches and maybe some seals.

I do love that she mentions Glasnevin cemetery and Kilmainham gaol. Those were 2 of my favorite stops in Ireland.I also like that there is transit information given on some of the attractions; and that there are restaurant recommendations especially if you're all fish-and-chipped out! The only weird thing is that I feel like it kind of cut off a little suddenly, but that could just be the copy I was reading.

Find it here!

Oh look, it's a picture of Michael Collin's grave that I took when I was in Dublin :)

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  1. We spent a few days in Dublin. The Hop On Hop Off bus worked well for us. It's a fun city to explore.


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