Friday, June 3, 2016

Memory Lane: Quinn and Wesley's River Cruise Adventure....

A year ago today (almost) Quinn and I were on our way to Europe for our river cruise!

Now, here's a funny side note that I can share now, that I couldn't share at the time.

I had decided that once Quinn and I got back from the river cruise I would start to look for a new job. But,  a few days before we left I got an email from good friend and frequent LE contributer Jen with a subject line that said "SUPER IMPORTANT JOB OPENING". Turns out the administrative person for the department where she works was leaving, and it seemed like it could be a good fit for me. I apply and do all the regular amount of worrying and then get called for an interview. Turns out they want to do it on Friday....the Friday Quinn and I are leaving for the cruise. A day that we have choreographed basically down to the hour and now a monkey wrench that could change my future is thrown into the gears. Luckily I was able to get the interview scheduled at noon, which is just enough time for me to interview, jump in my car, literally speed to the city where Quinn lived and then have dad drive us to O'Hare to catch our flight.

The stress level was nuts, because I'm a worrier anyway and then you add an international flight AND a job interview for a job I really wanted in the mix? I was almost beside myself. So I go into the interview and talk to two of the people I would be working with (who were both aware that I had a plane to catch so we were efficient. Though I did tell them that I had my passport, Euros and Czech money in my purse right at that moment, I did).  One of them walked me to the front door and as soon as I knew he couldn't see me I kicked off my interview shoes, through on the flip flops that were ALSO in my purse and literally ran for my car.

We made it in (not plenty, but enough) time and as we were sitting in the terminal I was writing my "hey thanks for interviewing me!" cards and mailed them from a random mailbox that I found in the terminal. (Because I had the cards in my purse, already stamped. LITERALLY ALL THE THINGS I OWNED WERE IN THAT PURSE. Sometimes being hyper organized comes in very handy. Though I'm only hyper organized when I travel). 

At any rate, we had a great time and when we got back I had another interview with my now boss and got the job! So those were some high intensity days but it all worked out for my good in the end (except now Quinn and I are always looking for deals for the next river cruise, naturally).

If you'd like to hear about mine and Quinn's river cruise (which was tooooooo fun and beautiful and filled with lovely people and drinking) there is a whole tab on the top of the blog that will lead you to those posts. Link here!

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  1. I love reminiscing about trips - and all the stuff that always seems to happen right before :)


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