Friday, June 10, 2016

All Lady July 2016!!!

Everybody! It's almost time for my favorite time of year! All Lady July!!!!

Me, this cat, and Shaq are so excited! That GIF will never not be hilarious to me. I think it's the butt wiggling. Cracks me up!

So, All Lady July is a yearly tradition here on Library Educated. We spend the month celebrating all things ladies! We talk about books written by women, we talk about great female characters in books, there's guest posts, there's lists, there's a giveaway, there's silliness and wonderfulness and girl power and I loves it. I just think it's the most fun. 

We kick off on July 1st with a kick off post that will tell you more specifics on what to expect from this wonderful month of July. 

I'm always looking for guest posters! If there is a book that is written by a woman that you adore, tell us about it! If you want to make a list of female book characters that you would love to go to Vegas for a weekend with, I want to hear about it! If you think there is a female author that you think deserves more recognition, toot a horn for her on this blog! All Lady July is more fun with company, and while we already have some great guest posts lined up there is always room for more folks who want to get in on the fun! If you want in, tweet me! (@whoffs) or shoot me an email (check my "about me" page) and tell me what you want to share for All Lady July.

Thanks for reading and I can't wait to see you in July!


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    1. If there is a perfect GIF that everyone can get behind on the internet, it has to be that one. I just love it.


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