Friday, May 6, 2016

Graphic Novel Review: "Miss Marvel: Vol. 1 - No Normal" by G. Willow Wilson

Am I incredibly late to the game on this graphic novel? Yes, yes I am. To be honest, I put off reading this one because I was trying to stick with stand alone graphic novels for my once a month graphic novel reviews. However, this one was such a ground breaker I thought I'd bend the rules to accommodate this special young lady.

Kamala is a typical teenage girl in so many ways. Butting heads with parents about things like curfew, liking comic books, going to parties (where there will be boys!!) and tiffs with friends. But the added wrinkle is that she is Muslim and sometimes that makes her feel very isolated. One night when she sneaks out of the house to do what "normal" teenagers do she has an odd encounter with some fog and her life changes forever....Great themes in this book: responsibility, family, justice and all sorts of weighty things. 

In all honesty I don't think that I will continue reading this series. It's not a knock on this series because the fact that it even exists gives me hope for humanity. It's just that I don't really do the superhero vein of the graphic novels. However, every time there is a big cheer coming up from the collective comic book world when a new volume comes out, I will be joining in. And frankly, how can you NOT cheer when the world finally gives people a character that you can cosplay and not get a full body wax and eat nothing but celery and pepto bismol to achieve it. Praise hands emoji.

Click here to be taken to Panels post on Ms Marvel cosplay!

Kamala Khan

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