Monday, May 23, 2016

3 Weird Reasons (and 2 Normal Reasons) why I love the New Captain America Movie (and One Thing That Weirded Me Out). There Be Spoilers (But not really)

So, this weekend Josh and I went and saw the latest Captain America movie (yes, even though it was like 78 degrees out and beautiful outside we sat inside a movie theater and I have no regrets.) A lot of people have had a lot of good things to say about it. I'm no exception, though some of my reasons might be weird.


1. There's a scene where they drive past the hotel that Quinn and I stayed at when we were in Berlin this past summer. It's like, a 3 second shot but I knew it from it's great location next to the Hauptbanhof (or however you spell it). I squealed "THAT'S MY HOTEL!" like Quinn and I were the only people who ever stayed there ever. Shout out to the Steigenberger hotel!

2. So this weird personality quirk that I have (that I'm sure is *charming*) is that in movies and tv shows when they put a name or a date on the screen I like when it looks like someone took more than 3 seconds to pick the font and whatever. (The BEST example of this is Warehouse 13. When they would put a city name up on the screen they would make the words do something fun and applicable.) The movie did a good job of making the names pop and I likes it. Weird, yes.

3. Daniel Bruhl (pretend there's an umlaut over the u) was one of the many villains in my favorite film ever, Inglorious Basterds. I enjoyed seeing him play another character who was friendly and charming  on the outside but had a lot of heavy stuff brewing underneath.

Normal things:

1. Paul Rudd. Duh. National treasure.



Bucky on a motorcycle is just, mmm

Just gonna leave that here. I mean, anything with Sebastian Stan is good with me, especially since they let him lose the dumb mask in this one.

Weirded me out:
Isn't it kind of strange that Steve has a thing for Peggy's niece? Like, shouldn't she be paranoid about that? "He only likes me because he's been pining for my aunt for 60 years?" Because that's what I'd be thinking.

Anyone else see this one and have something to add?


  1. Totally think the niece thing is strange (I think it's part of the comic line, but still strange).

    1. Oh, probably. Anything that didn't really seem to make sense to me I chalked it up to the comics.


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