Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Library Educated Starter Kit

Do you know Shannon? You should. She's over at River City Reading. This is her post idea that I stole. Read hers here. She talks about how she always finds herself recommending the same books, and that though she should probably expand, favorites will always be favorites.

I seriously think every blogger should have a list like this on their person and when they meet someone who wants book reviews you just hand this list over. Maybe on little postcards. We should make this a thing.

We even have one in common!

Nonfiction that reads like a thriller that you can't put down:  "Devil in the White City" by Erik Larson. I honestly feel like you can't go wrong with Erik.


Fiction that you don't understand always understand what is happening but when it's done you think "That.Was.Awesome":


Ok, to be fair I read this one pretty recently but I've already recommended it to a lot of people!
Evil kids (aaaaaaaalso this would fit in the above category too):


When you need to get a handle on that overflowing closet and "how did I get so much STUFF and why do I think I need this junk to be happy?":


Pillars of Wesley's life:



I, and Shannon, would love to hear what your book recommendation starter kit wold look like!


  1. The card idea is FABULOUS...I can't help but want my favorite books on little cards to pass out. Love that we have one in common ;)

    1. The card thing needs to happened. It could say like, the top 3 and then "for more great books go to - blog web address". So handy!


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