Wednesday, December 31, 2014

5 most popular posts from this year

TanyaAndi and are doing a fun December activity and I will be participating occasionally. Might be a nice change from the usual.

Today's is to highlight your 5 most popular posts from the year! As a scale for "popular" I did the most views.

5. Book Review: The Secret of Raven Point  (A girl becomes a nurse to try to find her brother who is missing on the Italian Front. Also people having sex in a minefield. Not a good idea!)

4.Book Review: The Bone Church (A couple on the run from the Nazis. Set in Prague. Super nice author.)

3.Bloggiesta Challenge: Pinterest for your book blog (Confession: I can't remember my login for this so I haven't updated in a long time. Don't be like me!)

2. Social Media Etiquette Challenge (Don't be a jerk to anyone ever. Full stop)

1.Book Review: The Great Divide (A family tries to get to South Africa out of Europe. There is also jewelry in pastries. And another nice author).

I love that Great Divide is the most popular one and it's so early on in the blog life that it's basically a wreck. We've come a long way baby! (I think, I hope! haha) Also, it's not a surprise to me that a lot of them are associated with Bloggiestas or book tours but I think it's interesting that the one review that isn't is just kind of random. And all the books are WWII related which helps explain why I have WWII book burnout. I have no idea what that means but I'll go with it!

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  1. I'm very impressed that so many book reviews made your Top reviews were not high performers on my list. Sad :(
    I'm going to check out your Pinterest for book blogs challenge post...

    1. Reviews are almost exclusively what I do, so I think it was lack of other options, haha!

  2. The Pinterest thing was interesting--I never know what to do with Pinterest so i kind of forget I have it.

    1. I primarily use it for travel planning and recipe prep personally!


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