Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mailchimp, a Newsletter and You!

I'm always excited to host a challenge for Bloggiesta (even though I never have any ideas about what to do, so Suey always to give me a list to pick from, so high maintenance, sorry Suey. Next time I'll come bursting with my own ideas). There was some talk about MailChimp on a Bloggiesta Twitter chat, so here we are talking about Mailchimp and newsletters.

What is Mailchimp?
Mailchimp is a service that helps you "create, send and track newsletters". What's great about it, is that it's free up to 2,000 subscribers! And you don't have to be super web design savvy to make a newsletter, they have pre-made templates you can use.

There is a difference between using a service like Feedburner when subscribers are automatically sent out an email when you have a new blogpost, and newsletter let's you customize your content, it won't just be your latest blogpost.

Do I need a blog newsletter?

Full disclosure: I don't have a blog newsletter. I figured I need to get myself established and maybe after my one year anniversary I'd make one. Now I'm kind of like "whatever I'll make one now!" I'm still deciding, I want to make sure I give people content worth reading!

Here's reason to have a blog newsletter:

*If something apocalyptic happens to Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, or however else you communicate with your reader you still have their email addresses. That way you can reach them and let them know where to find you once the crisis has passed!

*It's a great place to maybe try something new. Are you a book blog, but now you're thinking you might want to talk about great recipes occasionally? Maybe try it out on your newsletter once and see how it's received before doing it on your blog.

* If you're readers get overwhelmed with social media, the internet or what have you (or they give something up for Lent!) having your content delivered straight to their inbox is a good way to make sure they don't leave your blog behind.

*Extra reach! If you're newsletter is good and noteworthy people will forward it on to people who aren't on your subscriber list, therefore expanding your blog's reach!


 Look at your blog and decide if a newsletter is something that will be beneficial. If you already have a newsletter is there a way to improve it? Check out these tutorials on how to have the best newsletter possible.

*Do you want the option of your reader getting a daily or weekly newsletter? Check out this tutorial from DIY blog Tiny Sidekick.

*Are you more interested in using MailChimp in an RSS feed way?  This tutorial from Blog Ambitions has you covered.

*Want to add a "subscribe here" box for you MailChimp newsletter on your blog? My Crazy Good Life has the tutorial for you!

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  1. I've been really happy using MailChimp in place of my e-mail subscription and had a very easy time converting my Feedburner e-mail subscribers over to use it.

    1. I think the ability to expand the content would be worth making the jump from feedburner. (Though I think the majority of my subscribers are my parents and my aunt, so I don't know if more content would excite or confuse them, haha)

  2. Yay for Mailchimp! I still stick with a quarterly newsletter because anything else would stress me out! I'll have to check out some of these tutorials. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I can't imagine doing it more than quarterly. Just trying to get blogposts up and out the door each week is a struggle sometimes!

  3. I love all the information you shared, thanks so much. I added a newsletter to my blog once a month and can't wait to see what my subscribers think.

    1. Exciting! There's lots of information out there which makes it really helpful.


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