Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bloggiest Wrap Up!

Well it's the end of bloggiesta and I'm pretty proud of myself I must say!

-I have a Goodreads shelf where I thought I'd tag all the books I reviewed on the blog. There's not many books on that shelf so I know I missed a bunch of them. So I'm going to go through and make sure everyone gets tagged that needs to be.   Donezo! I had missed a looooot of them.

-Update the review archive on the blog. Since I haven't done it since LAST Bloggiesta. Also dunezo, but took a long time and I'm pretty sure I still missed a lot. But I'm feeling like it's sufficient.

-Figure out how to set up a Rafflecopter giveaway. The blog is celebrating it's 1 year anniversary and I want to use it for a giveaway. Hooray!  I suck at code and html and all that stuff but this was so easy. Like shockingly easy! Thank you rafflecopter for being the easiest and fastest thing on my list this year! (The blogiversary giveaway is coming October 10th, so then you can all see me in action with it!)

My disappointment was that I managed to list every twitter chat! Argh! I love the twitter chats, so that bummed me out. Next time.

Also it seems like there was good reaction to my Mailchimp challenge so hopefully some people find it useful!

Thanks everyone for all your helpful comments and visits. Be sure to come back tomorrow because I have a really interesting book review for you. It's about rabies. Yeah. I'm officially scared ishless of rabies and you will be too. Come on back  ya'll, haha.

FallBloggiesta 2014


  1. Rafflecopter really is super simple. I did one giveaway without it and one with it, and the one with just went so smoothly. (But that was also my fault for making the first one so complicated... well, easy for my readers, but a headache for me to tally up entries at the end.)

    Congrats on a productive weekend!

  2. Im excited to see it in action in a few weeks! Hopefully Im not celebrating prematurely, haha

  3. Congratulations on achieving so many of your Bloggiesta goals!


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