Monday, September 8, 2014

Divergent Trilogy Discussion/Thoughts. There are spoilers within!

So more or less, I read the whole Divergent trilogy in rapid succession and now I have questions and thoughts. Please chime in on the comments!!

-When watching the movie with my husband (who hasn't read the book) he was very concerned about Tori (the tattooist). He kept being like "Oh man, she's not going to make it". And I was like "uhh... you're not supposed to care about her that much. She's kind of a peripheral character". And then I'm reading Insurgent miles and miles away in Mexico and I find out she is kind of a big deal, which made me laugh. When I came home I told him that I was sorry, and that he SHOULD have been worried about Tori.

- I liked movie Four better than book Four. (And not just for the Theo James visual, though I have decided that he is quite good looking). I feel like he's more hardened and angry and that stays him longer in the movie then in the book. I feel like in the book that part of him falls away kind of faster than it should, though he doesn't ever shake all of that part of his personality. I guess we'll see what the rest of the movies bring.

-If the La Fleur girl from the Harry Potter movies doesn't play Cara I'm going to say that was a massively missed opportunity. (That's who I was picturing in my head at least!)

-What did you think of what was left out of the movie? How about the eye stabbing?! My sister, who read the book before she saw the movie - a rare occurrence- said she kept waiting for it to happen and it never did. Which makes me curious about the Edward character in the next movies.

-Also I like how they made Eric look in the movie better than how he was described in the book. I kept referring to him as "that skinhead guy". Though I like Jai Courtney in other things.

- So in the last book when Tris dies, does she survive the serum and die of the gunshot? I know that's what they told Four but I felt like I kind of missed something in there.

-Did anyone read the prequel Four stories? Im on the endless waiting list for it from the library.

Statement: I still like The Hunger Games series better (since people seem to think it has to be one or the other for some reason) but I think Four is more interesting than Peeta or Gale,

What are your thoughts on movie vs book (so far?) Is anyone else irritated that they split up a trilogy into four movies to get the most money possible? It irritates me. What's your faction?

And now I leave you with some funny things from pinterest....

Four~  This will forever be my favorite quote from him.

The 15 most hilarious 'Divergent' memes so far


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