Sunday, June 1, 2014

Armchair BEA Links

In case you missed it, this week was Armchair BEA. Here are the links to all of the posts that I wrote and their general theme.It was a great week and I loved leaving/getting so many comments. Made me feel like the popular girl in school, haha. I even won a giveaway or two!

Monday - Introductions
Tuesday - Great things to read that aren't regular books
Wednesday - Great short story writers
Thursday - Great books set beyond your borders
Friday - Memory Lane!

I was out in the lush green Wisconsin countryside with friends this weekend. I am exhausted, but not suburned, we were very vigilant about sunscreen (hooray!).It actual feels like summer now!
All of the boys in their trap shooting tournament

Rolling hills.

Hops in the making!


  1. Looks like a relaxing weekend! Gorgeous!

    1. It was! The weather was just so so nice, I just wanted to sit outside the whole time.


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