Thursday, February 27, 2014

Looking forward to March!

Ladies and Gents I am very excited for March.

March means that I can say with cautious optimism that I have survived another Wisconsin winter without any damage to myself or my car. (Though I picked up a cold on Tuesday, I was so close to making all of winter sickness free). It means that thinking about baseball, sunshine, being outside for more than 10 minutes and finally being able to wear my favorite shoes without the road salt eating them up.

Even more exciting then that stuff is what is going to be going on the blog.

I'm guest posting over at Book Bloggers International on the 5th, breaking down some head to head literary smack downs.

There will be another author Q&A with a giveaway thanks to Closed the Cover.

There will be reviews of 2 books that were turned into awesome movies.

There will be men and women who have survived things that we couldn't even dream up in our worst nightmares.

Most most most exciting for me though is that towards the end of March there will be a whole week of guest posters. I figure everyone might be sick of me and want to hear some new voices. 2 dear friends are going to be doing reviews (they are blog-less but are most awesome) along with posts from Ashley (the author tour mixmaster of disaster at Closed the Cover) and my favorite smart fashionista friend Sarah (of Neroli Blossoms)

March is going to be a good month, I can feel it in my slightly aching bones.

And, I found this hilarious corgi picture on Pinterest today, I'm going to include it because it's my blog and I can.

Seriously, I died. I die. Must get corgi.Must get a disguise for said corgi.

Ok, Im going to take some Nyquil and let it lull me off into a (hopefully) deep sleep that only medicine can provide. I hope that you guys are looking forward to March as much as I am!

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