Saturday, February 22, 2014

Book News and Notes - Feburary

Huffington Post Books had a really interesting infograph about the role of librarians in an increasingly technologically centered world. This topic comes up often, among librarians and otherwise.I always roll my eyes when people say that "someday there won't be any librarians, no one will read paper books anymore!" (Sometimes there is more than an eye roll, sometimes there is a certain single finger hand motion.)

People earn this response from me because they obviously haven't taken advantage of the thousands of other things that libraries offer: help finding jobs, story time for children, computer access, all kinds of classes, meeting rooms, community events, etc etc.

Also, I think people have this mental image of a bespectacled, becardigand librarian who is pushing against this massive tide of technology. Good librarians realize that technology is not a foe, it's just another way to reach out to community members.

Check out the infographic and feel free to pipe in with your thoughts, I'd love to hear them!:

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