Monday, February 24, 2014

Funny Websites For Funny Book People

Bad Romances showcases some of the worst romance book covers out there. They even have a day devoted to objectified Scotsman. These are cringe worthy, and a little hilarious. If you read these do you try to cover up the cover or do you just read these in the comfort of your own home and not anywhere in public?

Letterheady displays beautiful letterheads/stationary of famous people and important letters. This isn't book related obviously but I'm a sucker for stationary and the fast fading art of handwritten letters. There are some familiar names int here so keep your eyes peeled!

Hey Girl I Like the Library Too capitalizes on the funny Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl..." meme and applies it to librarians and librarianship. It's pretty funny.And Ryan Gosling, come on!

Women Running From Houses is another book cover website. It's strictly devoted to book covers that feature women running away from gothic scary houses. It absolutely falls under the "it's so bad it's good" category.

Better Book Titles  gives books titles that help better describe the books itself. Like "Animal Farm" becomes "If you give a pig a windmill he'll take absolute power". I laughed and laughed. Love this.Some of them are NSFW but that just makes it more fun.

See, book people can have fun too.


The Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri 

See also: LOTR…
So much better than Nicholas Sparks.


  1. I want to say thank you forever for introducing me to the wtf bad romance covers tumblr. I just spent a fantastic hour laughing hysterically at all the ridiculousness.

    1. So many more mullets than I had anticipated. Yiiiiikes! Glad you enjoyed.


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