Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Poem for Edward Gorey on his Belated Birthday

A Poem for one of my personal favorites, Edward Gorey.
on the day after his birthday

 If you don't know the story
Of my friend Edward Gorey
And his creepy illustrations
That could drive you to libations
I would encourage you to give him a gander

For in his books
are people with hollow looks
Children who die strange deaths
And creatures from murky depths
Of one strange and beautiful imagination

But the story that I think is best
Is the tale of the Doubtful Guest
A cute little creature 
With a striped scarf as a feature
Who suddenly appeared
And quickly endeared
Himself to a strange, hollow family

Tearing up his shoes
Playing in Flues
Tearing books out of pages
And other outrages
Were some of his favorite to-dos

So, today if you need a distraction
To avoid social interaction
 Explore my friend Gorey
And take in his stories
On this his most special day.

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