Monday, August 15, 2016

New member of the family at the Hoffmann household!

So, here's a fun fact about me. I've wanted a dog since, basically the minute Josh and I got married and had our own apartment. But we lived in a cat only apartment and so I had to wait.....for 8 years. And Josh had never had a pet when he was little and was apprehensive on several fronts.

But we recently added a new member to the Hoffmann ....and her name is Queenie! (Or Queen B or Queenie Beanie or Queenie Dog or Ninja Queenie or whatever)

She's a four year old Shar pei who we got through Shar pei Savers, a midwest based Shar Pei rescue. So much thanks go to them and her foster mom Kathy who worked tirelessly with Queenie to get her to the great dog she is today.

She is 4 years old, so well behaved, and adorable. But I'm biased! I love her little hippo face. She's hard to get good pictures of because she's all black, but I will have her all over social media all the time. So I will have to be a better photographer.

Supervising Dad assembling something for the house....

A favorite nap spot, behind the chair...

Family photo where you can only see her blue/black tongue!

Amazing how fast it went from "No dogs on the furniture" to "Only when invited up, dogs on the furniture" to "Dogs on the furniture but they can't use the pillows or blankets". 



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