Monday, February 22, 2016

Guilty Pleasures

There has been much discussion recently about guilty pleasures due to Lent being underway. I was thinking about some of my guilty pleasures and thought I would share. Anyone else have similar ones?

1. Cute office supplies

How do you cope with annoying spreadsheets? You put them in cute file folders. Having to leave notes all of the time for people? Adorable post it notes.
I am in deep with the cute office supplies and I really have no guilt about it. I could technically use the boring office supplies at work but why would I?! Here's some recent favorites...

Doughnut Paper Clips - Dounghnut Bookmark - Doughnut Paper Clip - Doughnut Paperclips - Doughnut Bookmarks - Fun Bookmarks - Office Supplies

Mouse Pad -  Gradient Leaf Pattern

2. Blooper reels on YouTube

Whenever I sit down at my computer to get some blog stuff done, I like to have some background noise. So I'll go on YouTube and then before you know it I've wasted an hour watching blooper reels. I honestly don't know why it has such a magical time suck power on me. Well, in some cases I don't. Sometimes you just need to sit and watch Paul Rudd dance.

AKA All the time.

3. Movie theater popcorn

It's stupidly expensive. It can't be remotley good for you. But I don't care. I must have it. (Unless it's a sad movie and then I'd feel guilty about it. Can you imagine eating popcorn during Schindler's List? Not good.

4. Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is so helpful for trip planning and scoping out restaurants and a billion other things. But more often than not my thoughts go something like "If Quinn and I wanted to go to Amsterdam and stay in a Hilton to use her points, which one would be the best one?" And then it's another fall down the rabbit hole for an embarrassingly long time planning things for a trip that might not actually materialize.

5. Supernatural

This show is getting (somehow) even more ridiculous the longer it is on tv. 10 years might be too long for any show to be on, for real. But it's campy and funny and doesn't take itself too seriously so I keep showing up to watch it. Also, there are some super classic episodes that will never get old, and as a bonus they produce great GIFS.



  1. I'm right there with you and cute office supplies. How can I resist? :)

    1. There's been some solid finds in the dollar spot at target lately, it's helped feed my addiction and not go overly spendy :)

  2. GAWD YES! The cute office supplies and movie theater popcorn, especially. I LOVE that mouse pad.

    1. Isn't that pretty? My mousepad is looking pretty dingy, I might need to upgrade.


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