Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Things I need to read more about (Volume 2...I'm almost positive I did a Volume 1)

Just in case you missed it on Monday, we'll discuss chapters 1-6 of A Little Princess on Friday!

Ukraine. Everyone wants a piece of this country. Putin most recently. In the dense but informative and well written  book I'm reviewing soon  (Black Earth) they said that Hitler wanted to take it over and use it as a bread basket/food source for when the Nazis took over the Soviet Union. Everyone wants a piece of the Ukraine. I think Poland is kind of like that too.

Comparing the Gospels. So the four gospels cover a lot of the same ground but in different ways. Like, Luke is more detailed then the others. I want a book that compares all the writing styles and nuances of all of them.

Rape of Nanking. I know basically nothing about this except that it was terrible. I also should also read a book about how this long standing distrust/not good feelings started between the Chinese and Japanese.I have questions, mostly because I'm clueless and did not take Modern Asian History in college because it was a night class. Night classes, eek.

Mass Hysteria. The amount of instances of mass hysteria is weirdly high, and man are there some doozies. A lot of them have to do with nuns, like a group of nuns in Austria who couldn't stop meowing. Or groups of school girls who all start fainting, or have pregnancy scares or any other huge range of things. Of course if you were apart of a mass hysteria thing in the Middle Ages you probably were going to get in trouble for being a witch... I really want to know more about the meowing nuns.

Cute on cats, alarming in a large group of nuns...


  1. I'm rather interested in these nuns too. Say what?!

    The Rape of Nanking is so hard to read about. When I was Hiroshima it was interesting at the museum to see how they talked about it and owning how horrendous it was. Add that to everything about the bombs and I was a sad mess.

    1. Right? What is that all about.

      I had heard a little bit about the Rape of Nanking, but then I heard about it watching some other WWII program. I knew it was bad, but I didn't realize the sheer scale of how bad and how many were involved.

  2. Wow that looks like an interesting range of topics! Meowing nuns??? Bizarre. I love your quest to be more knowledgeable about things that matter/are interesting to you! Something we should all aspire to I think :)

    1. Isn't that bizarre? There's got to be a book out there somewhere about that, how could there not be?!

      I'm hoping there's a book about the Ukraine that's less than 500 pages. I think that's my limit for bettering myself, ha!


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