Monday, May 11, 2015

Imagined Meals

I recently read a book called "Lunch with CS Lewis", and it made me think. What authors would I want to have lunch with? What would we eat? What kind of restaurant? What are we drinking? What would we talk about?

So here's a couple of my thoughts, I'd LOVE to hear yours in the comments. (They don't have to be living either, it's our fantasy and we do what we want to!)

Ray Bradbury and I would meet in some greasy spoon diner somewhere between my home and where he grew up in Illinois. It'd be fall, which is Bradbury season, for real. I'd eat a club sandwich with a mountain of french fries and he's eat grilled cheese and tomato soup. (He loved tomato soup, that's not just me making stuff up.) We'd talk about how sad we are that NASA isn't what it used to be. We'd talk about time travel. Did he think that we'd have figured that out by now? Is it maybe good that we haven't figured it out because humanity isn't exactly trustworthy? I'd tell him that I keep meaning to make dandelion wine with my home wine making kit. I'd thank him because his books changed me and my reading life for the better. Except now that I'm always on the lookout for suspicious lightning rod salesman and carousels that spin backwards.

I feel like Neil Gaiman and I would go for a walk in the woods together. We'd have mugs of tea, but I wouldn't drink from mine much because I'm not coordinated enough to drink and walk at the same time.Both of us would have slightly out of control hair. I'd ask him how he felt about becoming a dad again. We'd talk about old folktales and legends and how he's used those for fodder in my favorite books.I'd thank him for writing books that chilled me and freaked me out, but never kept me up at night. I'd ask way too many questions about American Gods. I'd tell him that I was a little confused by Sandman but that I assumed I'm just not smart enough for it. I'd ask him about the pressure he feels, I mean, the internet is full of people who almost worship him. I'd thank him for his very public support of libraries. I feel like this would be a conversation with a lot of flighty looking hand gestures.

CS Lewis and I would meet in a pub somewhere. I feel like he have a pint of bitters and I'd have a cider. I'd drink it too quick because I'd be nervous so that means I'd be laughing my just a little too loud laugh and feel all warm inside. There would definitely be a dog running around.I'd tell him that I think he is the best demon namer ever, I can't even pick a favorite from Screwtape Letters. I'd ask him to tell me all about meeting Joy, and if he would do anything differently.I'd ask him to tell me about his time in England during WWII, was it as scary as I imagine it was? I'd beg him to tell me that, despite what I'd read, he and Tolkien stayed close friends for always. Then I'd probably get a little weepy (from accidental cider chugging and genuine love) and tell him that his books make me feel less alone in my struggles with being a Christian some time. I'd tell him that so many times he'd put to paper what I had felt in my heart. I'd thank him for making me closer to God. There would probably be a little blubbering. I'd hold the pub puppy and feel better.


  1. I love this post! I might steal the idea in the future :). I would totally have the same reaction with Lewis. I'd definitely add Tolkien in the mix and I wouldn't be able to make a coherent sentence either. I'd probably mention my love of Samwise and then I'd just sit there and let him talk about whatever he wanted. So fun to think about!

    1. Steal away! Yeah, I might be giving myself too much credit that I'd be able to make real sentences while talking to any of these people, but that's part of the fantasy I guess, haha!


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