Monday, April 13, 2015

Fun Link Round-Up from Flavorwire and Happy Library Week!

You know what website is really fun? Flavorwire. Here's some fun links from them:

I saw this article  about author's tombstones. I think DH Lawrence's is badass.

I've never given Pride and Prejudice or Jane Austen much of an effort. But I do appreciate a good burn, talked about here.

Literary Moments on TV, I have a feeling there could be a whole list just for The Simpsons! Check it out here.

Sexy villains, who can resist this list!? (Uh Patrick Bateman is scarrrrry. I hate him and that book).

Did you know that some authors like to drink alcohol? I know, it's shocking but here's proof!

Some of the best books are ones that can't quite fit into a genre. Get some reading suggestions here.

If you are celebrating National Library Week at work, or at your favorite place to check out books, have a great one! I put on a littler version at the library at my work, hoping that people attend and enjoy!

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