Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Books I want to read that the library doesn't have, the struggle is real.

I'm sure you've all caught on by now that I don't buy many books (the last one I bought was at Ben Winter's book signing!) because I have a great library system in my community that keeps me in the books I need. Mostly. Occasionally there will be a book that I'm really pumped about and it's not in the library, or in one case, it was lost and not replaced.  I know that I can request that they purchase these books, but I feel kind of bad about doing it for some reason. Library budgets are not unlimited after all. Maybe I'll do one every couple months and hope that my list doesn't get longer.

Have you read any of these? Any recommendations on what to request first?










  1. Word, I have a bunch on my Good Reads list that aren't available. Not just graphic novels either, lol. Just picked up one at Half Priced Books.

    Side note number 1, Half Priced books are not half priced.

    Side note number 2, I wouldn't feel guilty about requesting books to be purchased. First reason is that, assuming you are paying taxes, you're supporting them so why not give them input on where to place your investment. Second reason is that if you don't do it, think about the people that are and what they're requesting. Its your small way of attempting to mold the collection available to your peers. Democracy at its finest (for and by the people) which only works when people engage in it, so engage. Thirdly, and arguably most importantly in an increasingly digital world, if the library actually goes out and purchases the book they'll do it in a legit fashion thereby guaranteeing the author gets paid and can continue their work. The alternative? Someone not finding it in the library and going online to download it illegally, in which case no one gets paid.

    1. My library has a shocking amount of manga titles. I'm like "who is requesting these? If you can have wide eyed cartoon books I should get a couple about travel and reincarnation. That's only fair."

      Half price books is not half priced. Aaaaagreed.

      And wow that was quite the complete argument. I'm still not going to request more than one a month but I won't feel as bad doing it. Deal?

  2. So many books mine doesn't have, too! But I'm with OllieV - request those titles! I think a surprising number of people DON'T request and the library has a budget they have to spend anyway...may as well make them titles people really want!

    1. Luckily I have enough books to get me through readathon, but then I think I'll start requesting they buy some!

  3. These are all new to me! I don't see why you should feel bad about requesting ... that's what libraries are for.

    1. It's true! Even though I'll never make it through all of my TBRs I can certainly try, and all the better if I don't have to buy too many of them!


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