Thursday, July 17, 2014

All Lady July - Across the Interwebs

I'm not the only one who is taking an extra looky-loo at women authors this year. So here are some places to continue your deep thoughts about women writers.

50 books by women authors to read for #readwomen2014 - Flavorwire has 50 great books highlighted, so open your spreadsheet, your Goodreads account, or however it is you keep your TBR pile on point and get to stacking some new ones on there!

These are the 21 female authors you should be reading - Time breaks it down by author, which means you get more than one book per author (usually). Also I didn't know Goldfinch took 11 years to write...yeesh.

The ten most powerful women writersNot interested in book recommendations? Check out these powerful authors according to Forbes!

12 writers on the women that inspire them - Want to be inspired by women authors? So who gets inspired by who over at Buzzfeed.

14 totally badass female authors -Do you want badass women authors? Heck to the yes you do! HuffPost provides.

So there's your inspiration for the day.

Went to my first ever book store signing last night and I think it went well! I'm going to write up a little post about it, but it has to wait until August because Ben, the author, is not a lady. And July is the month of the lady! (And bloggiesta, which is tomorrow, if you want to see my to do list look here!)


  1. Great list, and I can't wait to read about the signing!

    1. It was fun! I'm looking forward to going to more.


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