Monday, December 7, 2015

Books and Beverages Shoppe Launch!!!!

So, you probably have heard me talk about my friend Jamie? We co-hosted the Little Princess read a long. She guest posted for All Lady July. I also find myself over at her blog frequently for (among other things) the monthly Inklings reading (this month is the first half of The Silmarillon and it's kicking my butt up one side and down the other .After the first 3 pages I was like "oh no oh no oh no Tolkien you and I are new friends, why are you so crazy talking and I'm not used to it yet??") Anyway, so when Jamie was looking for Launch Team members for her new exciting endeavor I was like, why do you even ask, just sign me up, you know I'm down for these shenanigans.

Said shenanigans online shop! Or I should say Shoppe! 

The first thing in the Shoppe right now, with much more to come, is a planner just for book bloggers! 

Image of The Book Blogger's Planner

For real, look how pretty this is - also it feels very well made. It won't fall apart the first time you throw it in your purse because you're trying to plan on the fly.

Here's what it entails:

-6 months that are blank so you can fill it in based on what you need. January to June? Just your busiest months? It allows for customizing. Me? Im going to buy a second one so it makes one full year, because I plan stupidly stupidly far in advance.

-For each week in the calendar there is a section for "This week's notes" and "post checklist" with spaces reminding you to cross post, and share on different media platforms. One section of that I won't be using is the "update post archive". I have failed so hard and so long on doing that I'm in an unsurmountable backlog. Hopefully no one else is in that same boat and still has hope, unlike me :)

-Space for keeping track of books that you've read

-Space for your favorite bookish quotes (so later you can get on picmonkey and turn them into Pinterest worthy works of art).

Here's the kicker - Today is the last day to preorder this lovely little planner. AND if you do preorder you will get extra bookish goodies! Maybe you saw on my Instagram that I turned my sweet bookish extras into magnets for my fridge.  They're holding up some art work.

The extra double plus good thing about Jamie's endeavor - a portion of the proceeds goes to one of several charities that Jamie feels passionate about supporting. So if you're buying it for yourself or the book blogger in your life, your purchase is stretching a little farther to support good work being done here in the states and around the world.

There will be an upcoming giveaway, which you can bet I will pass along, but just preorder it so you can get the extra goodies. It is worth it! 


  1. YAY!!!! Love this post and thank you for sharing all your thoughts!! So excited to have you on the team :) :)

  2. P.S. Also loved your commentary of The Silmarllion so far...I felt like a needed to start mapping out characters and names on a massive white board :). That Tollers...

  3. Very nice! Such fun stuff! I have a blog planner that I never use, but it might be nice to have another one... Love the bookish magnets too. I can't buy now, but please keep reminding us about the Shoppe!

    1. Will do! She has already added ipad cases, magnetic bookmarks and all kinds of new fun things. I'll do an update post soon!


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