Friday, August 14, 2015

Rapid Fire Mini Reviews #6

"Dust Tea, Dingoes, and Dragons: Adventures in Culture, Cuisine and Commerce from a Globe-Trekking Executive"  A man who sets up power plants all around the world writes letters to his family members detailing his experiences. The cultural stuff was interesting (especially the food stuff) but there was A LOT of talk about the power plants. I found myself wanting less of those details...much less...

Outlander. So, Outlander such high expectations I heaped on you. I liked it. I thought it was fun and entertaining. But nothing about it drew me in so deep that I wanted to run out and read the other books. I'm enjoying it on the TV show, so I think I'll just stick with that for now!

The Book of Speculation. There's a lot of buzz around this book at this moment. I thought it was alright, and that the stories were interesting. And one of the characters is a librarian, which is always a plus!

Pictures of the Past. Got this from Netgalley and was a little disappointed because I think there were "pages" missing ocassionally that made me miss parts of the story. But a book about World War 2 and art is always going to peak my interest!

The Arrival. Loved this wordless graphic novel. The pictures are soft and elegant. The creatures and setting a little Edward Goreyish. I want the little critter on the front cover as a pet! The immigrant experience is recognizable and universal even without words.

I think it's the ears, I love silly ears.


  1. Nice to hear your thoughts on Outlander. I have a feeling that might be my reaction, so I haven't yet dived in. Maybe that'll be a 2016 goal :)

    1. I was kind of relieved that I wasn't in love with them because there's so many books and they are so long that it would be a major time commitment. And I know subsequent books aren't all set in Scotland so I don't know how much I would care about those....

  2. "Dust Tea, Dingoes.." has too many alliterations for my taste, and that's just a title ;) The Arrival looks intriguing .... I hope hope that cute "thing" is friendly (and yes, it's the ears!!!)

    1. It's so much alliteration! He is friendly though a little mischievous!


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