Wednesday, July 8, 2015

All Lady July 2015 Link Roundup!

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Here's your All Lady July link roundup of fun things! Time to add a bunch more books to your reading list! Have any of your own? Add them in the comments!

18 Pulitzer Prize Winning Books by Women you Should Read Right Now

8 Uproarious Books by Funny Women You Must Read!

14 Great Female Authors Recommend Their 41 Favorite Female Authors  

A Brief History of Female Authors with Male Pen Names

18 Books that Changed the How We Felt about Ourselves as Women 

10 Absolutely Incredible Women in Historical Fiction

17 Essays by Female Writers that Everyone Should Read 

21 Quotes on Womanhood by Female Authors That Totally Nailed It

29 Awesome Books with Strong Female Protagonists 

22 Strong Female Characters in Literature We All Wanted to Be

14 Compelling Female Characters Who Need Their Own Spin-off Novels

Cathy from The Crazy Bookworm talks about female book characters she'd invite to tea! Link here!

Brooke from Bye, Comparison talks about encouraging books for young girls! Link here!

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