Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Almost on my way, but needing some advice...

So, the big trip starts on Friday!

My thanks to Johnny Jet, Euro cheapo, Travel Fashion Girl, Jamie from Gunters Abroad, Denise from The Girl in 5A, and all of the other websites and blogs that I have stalked and followed in an effort to be prepared and well equipped for this trip. (I'm an over planner it's how I deal with the unknown.) If you don't have the wanderlust in you already, these sites will do it to you.

Does anyone have any tips for long plane rides or jet lag? I know I'm not supposed to drink alcohol because it dehydrates you, but I'm not a good flier; so there will be some medicinal booze :) Do you take off your socks curl your toes like John Mclean? Any tips on how to crawl over a sleeping aisle seat passenger without making things INCREDIBLY awkward?

If you're interested in pictures, you can follow me on Instagram! Wi-Fi is a bit spotty but I'm sure I can manage to get some pictures up. A lot of the might be of food...

I'm going to be radio silent here on the blog for a little while, but I have not abandoned you. When I come back I'll be talking about the trip for a little while and then we'll run head long into All Lady July 2015! Thanks to all my lovely guest posters!

Alright, guess that's it! Talk soon!


  1. That's one of my favorite GIFs!! :) For long flights, I walk a few times to the back and stretch. It seems to help. I wish I had advice about jet lag - I just force myself to stay up that first day. I know, not much "advice!"

    Can't wait to see the pictures!!

    1. The gift had to be in there, like of course.

      I'm the same way. I just make myself keep moving and go to sleep at a "reasonable" time, like 8:00pm at earliest, ha!

  2. Replies
    1. Will do! I'll give you a wave as we go over England :)


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