Monday, November 3, 2014

SciFi Month : 5 Interesting Things About Arthur C Clarke

Hello! Today I'm going to share with you 5 (hopefully) interesting things about science fiction giant Arthur C Clarke. Thanks Wikipedia!

1. During World War II he served in the Royal Air Force working with early detection radar. He even went on to be a radar instructor.

2. He appeared as himself in the 1994 made for tv movie "Without Warning". It was a story about 3 pieces of a meteor hurtling through space toward earth and how it was handled by the news and media.

3. He lived in Sri Lanka from 1956 until he died in 2008. He was an avid deep sea diver.

4. He requested that his private diaries be sealed until 30 years after his death, then they might be published. When asked why the 30 year wait he said ""Well, there might be all sorts of embarrassing things in them."

5. He has won so many awards that I can't even list them all here. He won a Hugo, he has a CBE, he shared an Oscar nomination with Stanley Kubrick, nominated for a Nobel Prize and etcetera and etcetera and etcetera. It's a bucket load, just trust me.

Arthur C. Clarke | ARTHUR C. CLARKE IN 1952


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