Friday, August 15, 2014

"A Rainy Day at the Beach is Better Than a Sunny Day at the Office".

On Saturday, I'm off on vacation this week to celebrate my dear sister Quinn's 30th birthday! A week of sun and fun and food and drinks with Quinn and our dear friend Corrie sounds like a little slice of heaven, and I couldn't be more pumped.

So a beach vacation means lots of books right? Right. Here's the lowdown...

- Divergent  by Veronica Roth (been saving it since March to read on this trip!)
-The Long Walk by Stephen King (Killing kids before the Hunger Games made it cool)
-The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov (It's a classic I've never read, and you know how much I love those silly Russians and their shenanigans).

And at least 4 books to be read on my Kindle. It's my first vacation with said Kindle, so we will see how it goes.

It seems like a lot but when you factor in waiting time in the airport and time on the plane...honestly I might grab another one on the way out the door, just because I hate being without. Since I don't have to pack a hairdryer (unfortunately a travel must for me) that means I have room for one more book, I think.

I'm not going to promise any real reviews on these but when I do a vacation wrap up post I'll make sure to include a few thoughts on the books.

There will be some blog shenanigans during the week, but I'm not going to divulge any details so it's a surprise!

If you're looking for me, maybe try here first?


  1. Have fun! Aren't vacations the best? I'm curious to hear what you think of Divergent. I've been avoiding it due to the media hype. I thought Hunger Games was just ok and Twilight was a bit of a travesty, so I'm a little wary of picking this one up. I need an expert's opinion on whether or not to read it.

    1. Oddly enough Corrie also brought Divergent to read so were having a beach book club! I thought that it was good, not great, and I'll finish the series but the movie is so close enough that if you're on the fence about reading them watch the movie and see how you feel about it then.


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