Sunday, April 13, 2014

Special posts this week...

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that this week on the blog is going to be a unique one.
For Christians all around the world this week is Holy Week, where the death and resurrection of Christ is celebrated/observed. I'm a Christian so I am also celebrating/observing this week. I thought I'd take the opportunity to make my celebrations/observation reach to the blog too. The posts this week are all going to be Christian books. One is about a woman who became the first American born saint and encourage education for girls (true story!). One is about how trust is an incredibly important part of faith. One is going to be a personal favorite written by CS Lewis (written from the perspective of demons, so that's crazy).

Whatever your religious views, if any, I hope you stick around with the blog this week and see what these books can offer you.I am not even remotely close to a perfect person. There are (frequent) days that I'm not even a good person, or a likeable person.So please don't think I'm preaching at you from my perfection pulpit. (Perfection Pulpit is another name for my all girl metal band,btw.)

I'm a broken sinner and God saved me. As simple and as complicated as all of that!


  1. I love that you are doing a week on the blog for Holy Week!

    1. Im glad you like it! Im a sucker for a good theme :)


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