Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I'm guest posting over at Book Bloggers International today, in the spirit of March Madness I've put literary characters head to head. See who comes out on top here! Remember they are the people who did the nice feature on me found here.


Also I have a book recommendation for you. It's "Sea Change" by SM Wheeler. I read it "just for fun" (not for the blog) and now Im wishing I would have taken notes so I could have shared it with you. It's heavy and funny and interesting and talks about friendship and sacrifice and how we consider who and what we are. The main jist of this story is that there is a girl and her best friend is a kraken (who has delightful manners and is named Octavius) and then he is sold to the circus and she has to try to get his freedom. I know this sounds like some ridic Disney story but IT IS NOT. It is worthwhile and heartbreaking and even in a Nyquil fog I was loving it. Also the cover is beautiful. I read about this book on a different book blog and I can't remember who it was but I wish I could give them credit. Thank you fellow book blogger!


Two other matters

1. I'm reading a book about the Mississippi river right now. It's surprisingly interesting. Review to come if it stays that way.

2. Guest poster week that's coming in late March is shaping up and it's going to be magic banana (translate: awesome) . I can't wait to share these posts with you!

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