Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm a Wuss: A Tale of Two Books

I am a wuss.

Since I'm a wuss I don't read scary books. In the last 3-ish years I have probably read two of them and one of them has scarred me emotionally for life.

So in honor of Halloween, here's a post about the two scary books I've read.

American Psycho- Bret Easton Ellis
One of my nearest and dearest friends recommended this book to me.I knew that it would be a little bit out of my comfort zone, but I'm all about stretching out of my zone.
I shouldn't have.I shouldn't have stretched for this.
So this book is filled with torture,sexual torture,drugs, murder and all kinds of inter-workings of a super deranged mind.(Honestly I can't believe they made a movie out of this, is it rated X?) The book is interesting in that this man is insane, and yet he still holds down an important job,people go on dates with him,and no one seems to be like "do you think that guy is ok?". There is also the distinct possibility that everything he did was just imagined because he's INSANE and also high on cocaine.

World War Z - Max Brooks
One thing I'm actually not scared of is zombies. With my very tenuous grasp of science and how the body works I have decided that this really can't happen.(I won't listen to anyone who tries to convince me otherwise, it's a coping mechanism). So when ANOTHER dear friend recommended this book to me I was down.
This was a good stretch out of my comfort zone.
I really liked this book, borderline loved it. I liked how it was written in the past tense like a government report. I liked that it covered different places all around the world without feeling overly stretched. I was legitimately scared when they talked about how zombies could reach people on boats because they DON'T NEED AIR! (Strangled shriek).
(A note on the movie, I enjoyed the movie, but it's nothing like the book. Just know that.)

  (What do these books have in common? Sharp things. And bludgeoning.)

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