Monday, October 21, 2013

Book Review: "Firestarter" by Stephen King

Stephen King is fascinating. Did you know that he was so deep into drugs and alcohol that he doesn't remember writing "Cujo"? Thankfully he's wrestled with his demons and has put that behind him. Now he's just a guy who writes really frightening stories while he's sober. Hooray! (Hooray?) Also the man owns a corgi, so he's got excellent taste in pets.

The latest book that I have read by Mr King is "Firestarter". This is in no way a new book. (Even if he wrote this book last year it wouldn't be his latest book, the man is a book writing machine!)

"Firestarter" is the tale of two college kids that meet in an unusual way. They are both hard up for money so they volunteer for medical trials run by a crazy psychology professor, with the help of a shady government organization that's kind of like the CIA but with more mind altering drugs. The $200 that they made that day was not enough to make up for the disasters that would become their lives. They end up falling in love,getting married and having a baby, thinking their mind altering experience in their clinical trial was a thing of the past. Until the baby starts crying when a diaper needs changed and sets the curtains on fire.They realize that they have passed along something unnatural to their child and that they are all at risk.

I don't want to give a whole lot away (even though the book is at least 25 years old and there is a movie) but one day the government comes a-knockin (and by a-knockin I mean a-kidnapping) and the family goes on the run (sans one member who was tortured and killed by the G-men).They find safety, (thanks to the help of strangers and some psychological/brain hacking)  for a little while; but fire,death,destruction,experimentation,drugs and abduction ensue. It ends poorly for juuuust about everyone.

Also I feel like in every Stephen King book that I have read there is someone with a sexual fetish or proclivity. I had to wait until about halfway into the book to find this one. (Cross dressing man, ah-ha found you!)

"Firestarter" gets 3 out of 5 stars from me.I was fascinated/horrified by the idea of this couple being able to pass on these crazy psychological traits to their child. But the best part is when they are on the run, towards the middle it gets a little ho-hum until the fiery conclusion.Stephen King does not need drugs and the hooch to be compelling.The man can be scary all by himself.

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