Saturday, October 12, 2013


Oh my goodness, my first blog post on my first blog ever (unless the short lived Backstreet Boys fan site that I had in 8th grade counts, but it probably doesn't). I hope that I will love blogging and that you will love reading it.  

The blog title is an homage to my favorite author ever, Ray Bradbury. He said that his family was too poor to send him to college so he taught himself by pretty much living at the library and reading everything that he could get his hands on. I was lucky enough to go to college, though I still think I've done some of my best learning through life experiences and books from the library.

This will primarily be a book blog, but don't be surprised if random bits of my life pop in here and there! Books are wonderful and important but so is time with a husband, family, friends and other fun activities. 

I can't wait to spend time with you all!

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